Psalms of the Street for Sunday March 1st, 2015

February 1, 2014

IMG_7795Every Sunday evening we ask people to invest in our community through their money, through filling out an In-the-Loop card so that they may be known, and through their prayers. The prayer cards function as BSM’s “Psalms of the Street”, expressions that span a broad range of experiences: deep, raw sorrow; exuberant celebrations; burdens that need carrying; and personal and communal victories. The prayer cards are read out loud at our No Holds Barred bible study on Wednesday evenings and they are typed up with names removed and published here.

At Broad Street Ministry, we believe in the communion of saints, those who pray for us and alongside us, across history and across the world.  The Psalms of the Street found here are an opportunity for you to join this community in prayer, no matter where you are.

We pray for all those who are a part of our community but who are no longer with us physically at BSM.  We give thanks to God that they are with us in the Mystery of the Lords Table every time we gather.

We pray for those who are a part of our church who are currently in prison, especially those in Graterford.

We pray for all of those who are partnering with Gods in-breaking of the kingdom all over the world through serving.

We pray for Katherine, serving in Mymensign Bangladesh  as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program as a Peace Volunteer.

We pray for Devin, serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a year in Zambia.

We pray for Tamarah, serving with the Good Shepherd Volunteers in Thailand, working with  the Hands of Hope project, an income generating program for those living with HIV/AIDS.


Pray for me. Help me.


Thank you for praying for my partner, his wife and me. All are well.


With dogma, heresy and tradition floating in the atmosphere of the church, I ask for prayers for our congregation Broad Street. I ask that God gives us a collective dose of discernment and the courage to seek, search, and answer very difficult challenging questions that the church has longed to ignore. Amen.


God, Please keep my son and husband safe as they fly and travel in this terrible weather tonight. Amen.


I don’t like it

At all

But keep pushing

I trust you.

I hate it though

I do


I pray for a heart full of loss to be healed.


Please keep my mother, **** ****, in prayer as she lost her brother today. Also pray God’s comfort for my aunt **** **** and cousins **** and **** ****.


The truth is, I am afraid of facing suffering. God, trusting in you, let me not be afraid of looking suffering in the eye. You’ve called me to stand up to the forces that cause suffering. As long as you call me to this place, give me what I need to serve boldly.

Thanks for ****, her gifts, her ordination.


For grief in my family

for friends who are struggling to make sense of their lives

for strength and steadfastness and compassion

for grace

for patience

for love


Please pray for the new life in our community—no matter how old. And, I miss ****. Pray for those who falter and forget that you’re loved.


Dear Lord,

Please bless ****in this next year of her life—please remind her that she is always your daughter. Please bless the conversations I will have this week. Please help me to be a blessing to this place.


My God,

Thank you. Just thank you. For this community. For this calling. I am so grateful that you would honor me with your blessing. And honored that your love is made known in this place and that I can feel you presence and your love. Amen.


For direction in my professional career.


Glad for this team of leaders.

Blessing on ****.

I don’t want to hate that guy but I pretty much do.


I’m defensive a lot more than I usually am, as of late, Pray that I can figure this out.

Thank you for my studies and my new relationship. We pray for the lonely and those who feel left out.