Remember the Dome?

September 11, 2017

The final phase of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s project PHL Assembled was unveiled a few days ago on September 9th. After partnering with the PMA and PHLA throughout the spring and summer, we are thrilled to see this culminating art show which will run through December 10th. One phase of this project included a geodesic dome structure that lived in BSM for two weeks. During that time, you may remember guests at the Art Table creating paper cranes and birdhouses as part of the project. Visitors to the final show will see those paper cranes and painted birdhouses at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (That’s right. Our artwork will be in an art show at the PMA this fall!)

There will be grab-and-go resources for yourself and for folks in need, as well as essays and artwork from collaborators- including an essay from our own Brenna McGinnis and a drawing by Ruthie Iglesias! Visitors will also see stories, artwork, and other artifacts from participants all over the city.

Artists moving the artwork from BSM to the PMA

Be sure to check out this special and exciting art show which many of you supported directly or indirectly. We are so grateful for your help making big things happen at BSM and in Philadelphia!