Share Your Creative Brain!

May 5, 2017
Photo by Edd Conboy

As our little Art Table grows into an even more exciting place to make art, we find ourselves in need of extra support. (Our upcoming gallery show will certainly help raise awareness and funds for the Art Table!) Another way we hope to continue fostering relationships between guests, staff, volunteers, and our community is by sharing ideas.

Many of you (yes, you!) are in creative fields with a wide range of experience to share. And our Therapeutic Arts Coordinator Ruthie Iglesias knows that often the best art projects are collaborative… What is a project you wish you could see us create at the Art Table? Or maybe a material you think we should use? Maybe the Art Table volunteer times don’t work with your schedule, but you want to be involved?

Share your ideas with Ruthie and we will do our best to make it happen! If your project is selected, you and Ruthie will plan it together, and Ruthie will facilitate the creation of your idea. During lunch announcements Ruthie will give you a shout out and explain your special project. And if you cannot be present during the making of the project, we can send you some photos of finished work!

If you have ideas for Art Table projects, please reach out to Ruthie: ruthie@broadstreetministry.org

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