She Came, She Saw, She Conquered

July 11, 2016

E82011CE-2419-4A78-A77B-C5002C01A36D (1)As the Rio Games draw near there will be another very important baton being passed at BSM! You might think of her as BSM’s Flannel Goddess or your favorite dining room DJ. She’s our three year veteran that has worked to fill 13,700 volunteer slots. In her role as Volunteer Coordinator, she works weekly contributing to each department. She’s the one, the only, Julia Esther Wallis.

IMG_0391IMG_1725Julia Socks

While she’s quick to offer a good joke or convivial ribbing, Julia has taken her job seriously, performing well under pressure while making the rest of us feel welcomed, comfortable, and known. Julia has coordinated 156,000 guest meals as BSM has added early mornings and Saturday shifts to support the population. At each expansion turn, she continued to say “yes” to the work that was needed to make this city a more equitable place for all.

IMG_2001She’s a favorite of guests, volunteers, and the staff. She brings humor, whole heartedness, and authentic compassionate care to each of us. We’ve loved having her as a part of our lives and with bittersweet gratitude send her off to pursue her chosen profession through Temple University’s MSW program. We can’t think of a better person to make this the work of her lifetime and there will always be a seat for her at our table.

10 things you might not know about Julia Wallis:

1. That girl’s a drummer! No wonder her forearms are so strong!

2. Julia loves musicals (her favorite is West Side story, wait Hamilton, no West Side Story).

3. She is the proudest cat mom to Bruce & Simmy.

Tres Julias4. She began at BSM as Personal Care Coordinator in 2013.

5. In 2014, Julia ran the Volunteer department all by herself for several months!

6. She proudly hasn’t shaved her legs in 2 years.

7. She hates using a microphone.

8. Julia’s athleticism doesn’t stop at soccer and softball, this lady will be competing in a Sprint Triathlon this fall!

9. A bucket list item soon to be checked off Julia’s list is seeing the one and only Miss Barbara Streisand.

10. Her skills of providing thoughtful care and committing to marginalized populations won’t be wasted as she’ll enter Temple’s MSW program in September.

Flannel Goddess

Julia and the entire staff took time and great care in selecting the amazing woman who will step into the Volunteer Coordinator role solo on July 27th. Please give a warm welcome and helpful hand to Christine Moriarty who fought hard to earn this position even surprising us by volunteering during her interview process. Christine brings loads of hospitality experience, knowledge, and valuable instincts. She also happens to implore our favorite quality- a strong desire to be here and commit to this work.

As the baton is passed from Julia to Christine know that our core values will remain the same. Thanks in advance for supporting both Julia and Christine in their new roles!