Spring Growth Spurt: Hospitality & Corporate Council

May 6, 2016

FullSizeRender (9)While the April showers were hard at work, the days ahead are bright sunshine for the HCC members who have been hard at work expanding membership and driving toward fundraising goals. The HCC had a hugely successful launch on March 24th with 25 member organizations and are still accepting submissions. These interactive, action-oriented meetings have a 98% attendance rate and are on track to meet our corporate fundraising goal of $100K in 2016. Want to be a part of this mission for BSM? Contact jessica@broadstreetministry.org to learn more.

  • HCC’s Executive Council welcomes the leadership of Geoff Starr, Partner in the Corporate and Securities Practice Group at Pepper Hamilton, LLP. Geoff has worked behind the scenes on BSM’s behalf for years providing legal support. His leadership and enthusiasm are welcomed additions to our Executive Council!
  • Garces Events has committed to providing food and service support for SIX SALON Dinners!!! Our cup runneth over with this generosity!
  • Eric Goldberg at AC Linen wrote a compelling and personal letter to his network inviting 13 friends to volunteer at BSM’s May 24th meal which AC Linen is sponsoring for $2,500!! We are so grateful for this chance to expand our network and be supported by Eric and AC Linen in this way.
  • In April the Philadelphia Business Journal honored BSM’s partnership with Cook+Solo for their amazing support over the years. Congrats on the 2016 Brotherly Love Sisterly Affection Award that highlights Philadelphia based for-profit companies for their amazing partnership with non-profits.