Stewardship I: Creation and Dominion

October 5, 2015

This is the first sermon in our stewardship series where we are seeking to respond generously to God’s generosity. This week we look at the creation account from Genesis, where we come across the word “dominion.” “Dominion” is used throughout the Old Testament in three ways. First, God has dominion over us. Second, humanity has dominion over something under the authority of God. Third, when the people of God were disobedient, God would send a foreign power to have dominion over the people of God. God creating the world out of nothing is a generous act. God did not have to create the world, but God did and God gives us a part to play.  We have dominion under God’s authority in creation. We enact our dominion first when we use our resources to create the world that God wants to see. Second we enact our dominion when we create relationships. In creating humankind, Third, we enact our dominion when we do something with the world God has created for us.