Stewardship IV: We Are Not Going to Need A Bigger Boat

October 26, 2015

Rev. Andy Greenhow brings us a word from Luke 12:13-21, entitled, “We are Not Going to Need a Bigger Boat.” This is the fourth Sunday in our stewardship series where we seek to respond generously to God’s generosity toward us. We live in a culture that likes excess. As the People of God, we trust that in God there will be enough. If that is true, what are we to do about homelessness, mass incarceration, the wealth gap, poverty, and hunger? As the people of God we are to make God’s promises that there will be enough true for all people. We have a part to play in making sure God’s promises are kept. This means we can actually do something about homelessness, mass incarceration, the wealth gap, poverty and hunger. We are enough, and we have enough to be a spiritual home for people, provide food, clothing and mail here at Broad Street Ministry.