The Movement Workshop Returns!

November 13, 2017

Written by: Ruthie Iglesias

An instructor with The Pennsylvania Ballet volunteers their time to facilitate a weekly Movement Workshop for our guests- for the second year running!

Photo Credit: Vikki Sloviter

During the Movement Workshop, guests are guided through meditative and dance exercises that offer a more positive connection between mind and body.

Photo Credit: Vikki Sloviter

Walking or standing on concrete all day is physically exhausting and can lead to health problems, and for many folks this changes their relationship with their body.

Photo credit: Vikki Sloviter

It can be hard to love a body that hurts, has to constantly move, or frequently acts as armor. It can also be hard to feel ownership over one’s body after experiencing trauma(s).

Photo Credit: Vikki Sloviter

Our relaxing warm-up, invigorating exercises, and space for individual expression can help folks find ownership and creativity in their bodies. Reconnecting in this way provides healthy mild exercise and tremendous emotional nourishment for our guests.

Photo Credit: Vikki Sloviter

To make the Movement Workshop more holistically engaging, we also offer performance experiences. This includes a final show of the expressions we create during the workshop, as well as a trip to see a show presented by The Pennsylvania Ballet. All of us are excited about the new season and the possibilities it holds!