This Coming Sunday at BSM

February 18, 2016

This Sunday, February 21, 2016, Rev. Andy Greenhow will bring us a word from Genesis 16. During Lent we will be looking at the seasons of the Earth in connection with the seasons of our lives. Andy will be preaching this Sunday about a time to reap. The word reap comes from the same word as meaning ripe.  Meaning the time to reap (or to harvest) is when the thing to be reaped is ripe.  Waiting for the moment that something is ripe means trusting the promise that there’s a process at work.  The story of Hagar in Genesis 16 is a heartbreaking example of what happens when we don’t trust God’s process.  God made a promise to Abram and Abram didn’t believe it.  He reaped before the time was right, before the promise was ripe.

John Francis and the Amen Corner will be leading us in: Standing in the Need of Prayer, Hold On, Starlight, Great is Thy Faithfulness, Born at the Right Time, and Mercy Me.

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