Today’s Experience

July 26, 2017
By Mary Gard, Volunteer

I experienced something today at BSM that truly touched me. I was working in Personal Care and as I glanced over at the Art Table, I saw one of the guests, John, quickly jump up and run to the men’s bathroom. He ran back with a handful of paper towels and started cleaning up a spill on the table. Tina, one of the other guests, was standing by and I suspected she had spilled something, as her environment doesn’t always accommodate the way she moves in this world: buoyantly with whimsy. John continued cleaning the area and then sat back down at the table.

Mary, Center, surrounded by her fellow volunteers!

When I was finished with Personal Care, I noticed that he was still at the Art Table. I went over to him and told him that I observed him cleaning the table and that he was a very good person, a good soul. He thanked me and asked me how long I was going to be there before leaving. I replied that I would be there for a few more minutes and he asked me to wait. I returned to Personal Care and gathered my things. A few minutes later John came over to me with a note written on card stock which read on the back “To Mary From John”. On the front were written the words, “Thank you 4 acknowledging me. God bless.”

I was deeply moved by his note and was reminded of how, for that brief moment, John did not feel invisible.

And that, my friends, is why I keep coming back to BSM. Oh the joy I experience!
Thank you for allowing me to experience these God-filled moments.


*Please note that the guest’s names were changed to respect their anonymity.