De-escalation Training

Our Approach

Broad Street Ministry (BSM) employs trauma aware de-escalation tactics to reduce anxiety and prevent the escalation of conflict. This de-escalation model was developed as an alternative to the surveillance and policing that our guests experience outside of our doors. It addresses the correlation between escalated behaviors and triggers, breaks down how staff strengths can be utilized during escalated situations, and creates a safe environment without engaging in traditional security tactics.

In addition to regular de-escalation trainings for our entire BSM staff, we have created a De-escalation Team whose singular role is to help mitigate crises through relationship building and preemptive interception through observation.

Our Trainings

This training was developed by Geremi James, Broad Street Ministry’s Director of Clinical Support Services. James received her Master’s in Social Work from Temple University and has been practicing clinical social work in Philadelphia for over a decade.

Trainings are offered to partner agencies and are facilitated by members of our Concierge and De-escalation teams. Each instructor has prepared under Geremi’s supervision and has experience in utilizing De-escalation in the work place.

Pricing and Inquiries

We offer a sliding scale for organizations based on fiscal year budgets.
Please reach out if your organization requires more flexibility in pricing. Please download and complete below form and submit via email to: trainings@broadstreetministry.org


For questions or more information on the training or sponsorships please email us at trainings@broadstreetministry.org