Volunteer Spotlight

January 12, 2016

Leanna, Mary, JD and Ivan

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This month we’re spotlighting a group of volunteers who have been an absolute joy to work with for the past year!

Leanna, Mary, JD and Ivan have been coming as a regular volunteer group throughout 2015 and the joy they bring into this space infects everyone they’re around.

It’s nearly impossible to have a bad day when the group of 4 shows up laughing and smiling and continue to be warm and welcoming with guests when we open up for the day.

When asked about why they volunteer at Broad Street Ministry, Mary says

“Volunteeering at BSM is like coming home to family.  With open arms, the staff welcomes us and allows us to be part of a team of caring, giving and wonderful folks who believes that helping our brothers and sisters is a privilege and an honor.  We have met amazing guests who share their stories and are grateful for all the services provided by BSM.  Treating others with respect and dignity is foremost at BSM.  To have this oasis in downtown Philadelphia is truly a treasure and we are thrilled to be associated with this worthwhile ministry.  Words cannot express how valuable this ministry is and how joyful we are to be a part of it.”

These words wholeheartedly reflect the members of this group. Always humble, upbeat and caring, it’s volunteers like Leanna, Mary, Ivan and JD that remind staff, when days get tough, why we work at BSM.