Volunteer Spotlight: Arthur Leon

May 5, 2016
IMG_1647This month we’re spotlighting a volunteer who helps out just about any place he’s needed. Art has been volunteering at BSM for almost a year and is usually here multiple times a week. You can spot Art behind the mail table early every Monday morning, putting every guest at ease with his calm, easy confidence. And then on Thursdays, he brings that same, seemingly effortless competence to the dining room.
Art consistently goes above and beyond expectations. One day, as he was packing up to leave, Art overheard some staff concerns that we would be low on help the next day. At the beginning of the shift the next afternoon, we were surprised and delighted to see Art walk through the front doors, willing to be the extra pair of hands. He helps new volunteers get acclimated to the often hectic environment of the mail table, and is a consistently friendly, calming presence to all.
We’re so lucky to have Art as part of our weekly team! Thanks for all that you do!