Volunteer Spotlight: Charlie

July 5, 2018

Charlie has been a regular volunteer at BSM for the last two years. Having worked at a non-profit organization in Camden, he extended his altruism to BSM after hearing about us and then doing some digging.

“When my wife and I moved to Philadelphia four years ago, we wanted to engage in aspects of the city that needed support.”

We asked Charlie what he enjoyed about BSM and he mentioned the things we all love: the music, the conversations, but also the energy of the volunteers, staff and guests. Charlie says there are two things that keep him coming back to volunteer week after week.

“Philadelphia is a great city with a lot to offer. It also has a number of challenges. I enjoy being a part of the broader BSM community and assisting where I can. I see a number of guests in various parts of the city and I find it special that we have something in common.

“Second: Having worked at a non-profit, I appreciate the preparedness and support of the amazing staff at BSM. You know how to utilize volunteers effectively which keeps us coming back.”

Charlie’s expressions of really feeling part of the community echo our beloved Philadelphia motto of being the city of brotherly love (and sisterly affection)! Charlie’s time spent volunteering at BSM has impacted his daily experience in the city and given him new perspective. Now encountering BSM guests throughout the city, whether they are at the Apple store, selling One Step Away newspapers or hanging out at the library, it is easy to see that they are just like you and me, running errands and going about their lives in Philly.

A fun fact about Charlie is that he used to travel for business, and lived in Brazil for a total of five years!

We are grateful to all of our volunteers who make radical hospitality possible at BSM. Thank you Charlie for everything you do!