Volunteer Spotlight: Madeline Beever and Hyatt at the Bellevue

May 5, 2017


Madeline Beever

We are pleased to present our May volunteer spotlight, Madeline Beever! If you’ve joined us for Tuesday dinner or Thursday lunch in the past 7 months, chances are you’ve witnessed Madeline buzzing about the dining room, serving meals and talking with guests with her gentle, calming demeanor. She began volunteering regularly in October 2016 after recalling her daughter’s impactful experience with our Youth Initiative in 2008. “Charlotte and the rest of the group were surprised that they would be spending time sitting and talking with guests of BSM. They signed up to help with serving food, cleaning, and working with the after school program helping kids with homework, but interacting with the guests really opened their eyes to the reality of the types of adversity many people face.” When presented with more free time in her life, Madeline looked up our website to see if we needed volunteers.
Anyone who has spoken with Madeline knows that she has a big heart and a compassionate presence. She’s been able to develop meaningful relationships with many guests just by sitting with them while they enjoy their meal and providing an intentional presence. The act of listening is certainly not passive, however; her kind words and open mind have been an invitation for guests to feel heard and important.
“Being part of this community of goodness gives my life joy! I find it peaceful and comforting to be in this beautiful space connecting with people I get to see every week. It’s fun to share stories of what’s going on in our lives now and share past memories. I love to see people’s faces light up when we serve the special, creative dishes made with love and care, and its rewarding being present to listening to guests when they are having a hard day.”
Before Broad Street Ministry, Madeline raised 3 kids, worked as a pastry chef and caterer, taught yoga classes to children and elderly folks, and became proficient at throwing pottery. She currently is a beekeeper with her own beehive at home and loves superhero movies! For all of Madeline’s various gifts and impactful presence, we are grateful.

Hyatt at the Bellevue

Broad Street Ministry would like to take the month of April, National Volunteer Month, to acknowledge the Hyatt at the Bellevue. April marks the Hyatt at the Bellevue’s one year anniversary of volunteering with Breaking Bread, and also BSM being granted as the recipient organization of the Hyatt’s annual Colleague Awards Gala raffle for the second year in a row. BSM was introduced to the Hyatt at the Bellevue in April 2015, and their commitment and loyalty has only grown in 2016. BSM wants to extend special gratitude to the colleagues and staff of the Hyatt at the Bellevue who’ve raised $1,113.00 for BSM this year. We are also grateful to the Hyatt at the Bellevue for gifting a one night stay for two accompanied by a complimentary breakfast at XIX in Center City for BSM’s Orchestra event.

The mutual enthusiasm for this partnership is detailed in the passage below, written by the Hyatt’s Director of Human Resources, Dominic Ray.

Our partnership with Broad Street Ministry underscores Hyatt’s commitment to being responsible and caring members of our communities. Getting outside our hotels and working side-by-side to improve our communities gives us an opportunity to deepen our relationships with each other. Together, we’re living Hyatt’s values of empathy, creativity, humility and fun out in our communities – all in the spirit of caring for others.

Over the past year, colleagues at Hyatt at The Bellevue have collaborated with Broad Street Ministry on several projects, all in striving to fulfill our company’s purpose of caring for people so they can be their best. The recognition as your spotlight is made even more special as it comes in April – Hyatt Hotels & Resorts “Global Month of Service”. Our Global Month of Service gives us a chance to share that pride with the rest of the world (#World of Hyatt). It’s truly a privilege to partner with Broad Street Ministry as we continue to encourage our teams to get involved in your meaningful and inspiring work.