Volunteer Spotlight: Peg Ford

November 6, 2019

We are thrilled to announce Peg Ford as our volunteer spotlight! Peg is a veteran when it comes to volunteering. Before BSM, Peg spent her time volunteering with a variety of other organizations and causes, including but not limited to, the Red Cross, Project HOME, political campaigns and tutoring at elementary schools.

Peg has fully integrated herself in our volunteer community, bouncing around the different services at BSM. We are so fortunate Peg chooses to spend her time at BSM and offered us a little insight into why, “I like just about everything there. Everyone is treated with such dignity and respect. I never did a volunteer job there I did not like, for different reasons.” Peg remarks how BSM makes people feel good about themselves and helps find meaning in life.

When asked ‘what keeps you coming back to BSM’, she said, “I think BSM has such a positive force with everything they do, staff, other volunteers, everyone is on the same page. They want the best life has to offer the guests that come there, not just to survive, but be the best they can be.”

Peg described feeling impacted by the guests and staff of BSM every time she volunteers. One day while volunteering in our Mail, a guest said to her, “This place saved my life.” Peg continues to carry this moment with her.

Besides spending time with Broad Street Ministry, Peg loves to celebrate special events, decorate, and take care of her furry friend! Peg adores her all black cat. She named him Lucky to challenge the superstition that black cats are unlucky. We wanted to thank Peg so much for being such a wonderful, compassionate, and patient volunteer!