Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Stranz

January 16, 2020

Broad Street Ministry is thrilled to announce Sandy Stranz as our Volunteer Spotlight! Sandy always brings so much love and compassion into this space as a regular volunteer in Breaking Bread and our clothing closet, 315 Threadz. After relocating from Chicago to Philly – She found her way to Broad Street Ministry through participating in Jane’s Walk (an annual walk dedicated to the urban activist Jane Jacobs). Eager to get started volunteering, she began asking around about volunteering and received an enthusiastic reply: Broad Street Ministry!

We asked Sandy what keeps her coming back to BSM, she said, “In the orientation, you often say that guests come not only for the meal but for the sense of community. That is exactly what I found at Broad Street, a community of guests, volunteers and employees that eagerly welcomed me. Moving to a new city alone can be daunting. Broad Street has helped to make me feel at home in Philly. I feel very lucky I found this opportunity. Plus you are so incredibly organized and well run!”

Sandy shared her favorite experiences at BSM are when she is able to circle back with guests and celebrate small victories. Some of these favorite moments include being pulled aside to have a guest tell her how much they loved their new clothing, to discuss little happenings of their day, or just stop to chat with her “regulars”.

Sandy volunteers with BSM on a weekly basis and gives us some insight into her experience, “I think the most impactful are the times when one guest has thanked me for helping or listening to another guest, or has given some of their food to another. It really shows how people who have so little can still have so much kindness in their hearts. They look out for each other. And are so willing to share their kindness with me.”

Initially from Buffalo, New York, Sandy lived in Chicago for 30 years and then came to Philly for her family and “comparatively warm and easy winters”. She enjoys spending time with her cat and exploring Philly. BSM is lucky to have Sandy as a volunteer and we are very grateful that she decides to keep coming back. Thank you, Sandy!