Volunteer Spotlight

July 9, 2015

We would like to acknowledge a family who has given a lot of time and energy to BSM.  Ian Hackman, along with his parents, John and Corinne, have been dedicated volunteers over the past year.  They have come regularly to serve meals on Saturdays, as well as organized drives for clothing and personal care.  Ian recently had a Bar Mitzvah service, in which he said the following about BSM:

“Broad Street Ministry has allowed me to experience real life problems first hand, and to know that I can make a difference in people’s lives. From serving hot healthy meals, to conducting a clothing drive, to then helping people choose clothes to keep, I have seen and felt compassion at work. I am truly inspired by BSM’s comprehensive offering of services to help people who are experiencing poverty, hunger and homelessness gain the strength and courage they need to become a part of a kind and supportive community. Broad Street Ministry provides a mailing address for over 2,600 homeless Philadelphians, as well as veterans’ and health services, art therapy, and plain old conversation, attention, and caring. BSM’s guests are accustomed to a restaurant style meal up to 7 times each week, served by volunteers who give their time to help other people feel happy. The key here is…connections. Broad Street Ministry’s main goal is to build relationships for their guests in a safe, welcoming environment where people collaborate and where there’s no tension or trauma. There are cases of guests evolving from solitary and unfriendly, to becoming active, productive, and relaxed. One member precisely summed up the goal of BSM with the following words, ‘This felt like home when I had nowhere else to go, it will always feel like home’.”

Thank you, Ian, John, and Corinne, for helping to create a sense of home at BSM!