What’s Happening in the Worshiping Community?

January 11, 2016

Christmas at Broad Street Ministry

The Broad Street Ministry worshiping community gathered on a lovely 70 degree image2Christmas Eve night to sing carols, read scripture, and light candles, representing Jesus’ birth and the light it shines in the world.  Andy Greenhow preached a sermon entitled, “Unto Us a Child is Born” – listen to it here.  It was a wonderful occasion to celebrate Jesus’ birth, be together as a community, and take stock of another year.  All told in 2015, 4,964 people came through the doors to worship and participate in the BSM’s faith community.  Thank you!

Lent Starts February 10 – That’s Right Around the Corner!

Lent is the 40 days leading up to and in preparation for Easter, often observed by spending more time praying, fasting, or learning more about oneself and one’s relationship to God.  So you can give up chocolate, volunteer regularly at the Hospitality Collaborative, or even come to church at BSM’s worshiping community!

This year, BSM is observing Lent by considering rhythms of our life and faith alongside the rhythms of agriculture.  When and how in our lives do we reap? Or sow? Or get rid of those pesky weeds? And when is it better to just give up and start all over again?  Worship is every Sunday at 4:00pm – all are welcome and church is never cancelled.  Bible study and prayer happens every Wednesday evening at 6:15pm.  Check out a more detailed schedule below and come join us in observing Lent and examining the rhythms of life and faith.

Wednesday, February 10, 6:15pm – Ash Wednesday – Julia Watkins preaching

Sunday, February 14, 4:00pm – Andy Greenhow preaching on “A time to reap”

Sunday, February 21, 4:00pm – Andy Greenhow preaching on “A time to sow”

Sunday, February 28, 4:00pm – Andy Greenhow preaching on “A time to pull weeds”

Sunday, March 6, 4:00pm – Andy Greenhow preaching on “A time to lay fallow”

Sunday, March 13, 4:00pm – Andy Greenhow preaching on “A time to burn it all down”

Sunday, March 20, 4:00pm – Palm Sunday – Sammie Evans preaching

Thursday, March 24, 6:15pm – Maundy Thursday – Anders Edstrom preaching

Sunday, March 27, 4:00pm – Easter Sunday – Andy Greenhow preaching