Work and Prayer the BSM Way

March 31, 2014

There are times when the distinction between work and prayer disappears. When that happens the “work” – no matter how routine or mundane – is elevated to a spiritual practice. Our worshiping community here at BSM, along with our partner churches, has taken on just such a spiritual practice in the form of sorting mail. On Sunday afternoons before our worship service, six or eight congregants come together to “pray with their hands”, while also providing an incredibly valuable service for our vulnerable guests during the week.

More than 1,600 people receive their mail at BSM. Many are in critical need of receiving checks and other benefits in a timely and dignified way.  So far more than twenty people from the faith community have joined in this weekly practice as a way to stay in touch with one of the congregation’s core values of meeting some of our guests’ basic needs.  “Once you realize how vitally important the mail service is, sorting the mail becomes about so much more than just putting away letters,” explained one of our volunteers.

The entire BSM community is incredibly grateful to the following people who have been a part of this way of being the Body of Christ in action: Katherine Crosby, Rachel Goffe, Darin Harbaugh, Brooke Stello, Terry White, Andrew Jasko, Trisha Herrera, Zilan Tan, Zijia Tan, Bert Dejong, Mike Pulsifer, Belle Darrow, Jeff & Kerin Peersall, Amanda Thompson, Michael Gray, Cari Feiler Bender & her family, Michael Sebright, Andrew Dziedzic, James Kim and members of the Eternal Life Ministry, Arch Street Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill.

If you are interested in getting to know folks in the faith community and putting prayer into action, please contact Rev. David Norse (david@broadstreetministry.org) to volunteer on Sunday’s from 1:00-3:00pm.