Let Your Light Shine (2013)

The Social Engagement Initiative at Broad Street Ministry (BSM) is an urban service immersion experience for youth and adults that grows out of BSM’s commitment to speak Good News to the city of Philadelphia in both word and deed.

“The purpose of this trip was to train us how to see injustice in the world and look for it where it is hiding. To envision world where justice is about shining light in the dark places.. [and] about taking part in bringing the kingdom of God here and now. To not settle for the popular phrase ‘that’s just the way it is’ but to fight for equal rights for all people–to see themselves as part of the great community and to find their place… their call in the mission of Christ in the world.”
– Youth Pastor from Charlotte, NC

At Broad Street Ministry we offer three kinds of immersion experiences through the Social Engagement Initiative: Alternative Breaks in the fall, winter or spring or a longer experience in the summer, Day Immersions from September through April, and week-long summer immersions through the Youth Initiative. These experiences all aim to:

  • Broaden your ideas about service.
  • Broaden your ability to think theologically about poverty and inequality.
  • Broaden your understanding of urban life.
  • Broaden your mind about what the Church can be.
  • Broaden your heart.
  • Broaden your spirit.


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