Our Mission

Our Mission

We transform our city, our institutions, and ourselves when we embrace the individual needs of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Our Vision

Every person will be seen, recognized and restored. We will all be well fed in every aspect of life, and we will be made whole – even for just a few pure and powerful moments. The simplest acts of kindness can soothe the afflicted and transform the fortunate.

We Practice Radical Hospitality

At Broad Street Ministry, we practice radical hospitality. We embrace all individuals of our community with enduring empathy and care. We reach beyond the societal norms of service, confront the injustices that oppress our most vulnerable members, and fundamentally shift the expectations of how we engage with guests, staff, volunteers, and our community partners. We sustain a fervor that one day this practice of hospitality will be pervasive and no longer be considered a radical act.