Our Mission

Our Mission

By offering Radical Hospitality to our neighbors in need, Broad Street Ministry creates connection and community; restores hope and dignity; and increases security and self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

The quality of life in Philadelphia is improved when everyone has the resources they need to live with dignity, contribute to their community, and pursue their aspirations.

We Practice Radical Hospitality

At Broad Street Ministry, we practice radical hospitality. We embrace all individuals of our community with enduring empathy and care. We reach beyond the societal norms of service, confront the injustices that oppress our most vulnerable members, and fundamentally shift the expectations of how we engage with guests, staff, volunteers, and our community partners. We sustain a fervor that one day this practice of hospitality will be pervasive and no longer be considered a radical act.

Our Three Pillars of Radical Hospitality:

Affirm: We hold and support the whole self of each person that shares in our space. We recognize each individual’s needs and welcome their unique contribution to our community. Transformation is built on these daily experiences of seeing, being seen, nurturing, and being nurtured.

Intention: Our programs and services are carefully designed through a trauma-aware lens focused on reducing harmful impact and promoting agency, determination, and healing. We strive to provide a model of stability and consistency that in time will extend beyond our doors.

Accountability: We are committed to eroding systemic barriers to resources through dedicated advocacy, modes of access, and essential partnerships. We foster compassionate and difficult conversations with community members when harm has been done, always valuing the safety of each individual and the community at large foremost. Boundaries are a kindness and we support healthy, sustaining action towards realizing such needs.