Advent 4: Make Haste to Elizabeth

December 21, 2015

Rev. David Norse brings a word from Luke 1: 39-55. He preaches on happens when we find ourselves in difficult times, asserting that Elizabeth and Mary show us the power of setting out with haste to be with someone we trust who can feel the Holy Spirit move in us and give testimony to what God is up to in and through us. This can open us up to go deep with God, to the heart of the matter, of what God is doing in the world, even when everything around us seems crazy. The world tries to silence many of us, but the Holy Spirit and the power of community can work to allow each and every one of us tell our stories. In the middle of the sermon, Elliot Flett shares an original poem called “Aimless,” to give witness to the experience of feeling unable to share one’s story.