Job Posting: Broad Street Ministry Mail Service & ID Program Associate- Part Time


Job Title: Broad Street Ministry Mail Service & ID Program Associate

Reports To: Mail Service and ID Programs Manager

Job Description: The Broad Street Ministry Mail Service and ID Program Associate will be responsible for working closely with guests who may be experiencing the scarcities and traumas of homelessness, chronic deep poverty, mental or physical illness and/or substance abuse to establish a mailing address and obtain identity documents like State ID, birth certificates, social security cards, Health Insurance cards, and Philadelphia Municipal ID, all in the service of gaining access to the services and benefits for which these things are required. Services will be rendered in a harm-reductive, trauma-aware manner. The Mail Service and ID Program Associate will also be responsible for maintaining databases of relevant information pertaining to guests utilizing the BSM Mail Service and ID program for ID procurement, as well as financial records of money spent.

The ideal candidate will join a team that values:

  • Communication: We communicate with transparency and express our needs and wants to others the way we would like others to express them to us.
  • Mutual Support: We extend support to coworkers across departments and expect that that support will be extended back in times of need.
  • Curiosity: We strive to be life-long learners who question our assumptions, our theory of change, and ourselves as agents of that change. We are careful about making judgments and strive to learn each person’s individual story.
  • Hospitality: We work to create an atmosphere where everyone feels a sense of belonging, and where no one is treated like a stranger.
  • Integrity: Our actions are in alignment with our core beliefs; we do what we say we are going to do.
    Job duties generally include, but are not limited to:
  • Providing direct service to guests of Broad Street Ministry, specifically:
    o To assist in building relationships with guests in order to increase their access to benefits and care
    o Exhibiting and modeling Trauma-aware/ Harm-Reduction practices in assisting guests with obtaining a mailing address, ID, and accompanying benefits
    o Explaining and enforcing the boundaries of the BSM Mail Service and ID programming
  • Directly assisting the BSM Mail Service Coordinator with detailed maintenance of mail accounts and assisting the ID Program Manager with the development of a Trauma-aware means of procuring ID for BSM guests that operates in accordance with a non-transactional/ harm reduction model.
  • Assisting with daily Mail Service and ID Program operations, specifically
    o Counting, stamping and sorting mail alphabetically
    o Maintaining a log of delivered packages
    o Distributing mail to guests during mail service hours
    o Maintaining a daily sign-in log of mail participants
    o Updating data using Googledocs Excel Spreadsheet
    o Orienting, instructing and directing a rotating staff of volunteers who will be assisting with the mail service on a daily basis
    o Registering guests for the mail service
    o Answering telephone messages, email and written correspondence from guests who have questions and concerns about their mail
    o Issuing Proof of Address letters to enrolled Mail Service participants, as needed.
    o Being on the floor and available during open mail hours (M-F 1130am-2pm) to speak with guests about the process of gaining ID
    o Creating forms to be filled out in the presence of guests that explain the process of ID procurement and gather relevant, necessary data
    o Enrolling guests in the BSM Mail Service whenever necessary
    o Developing a method to evaluate the impact of ID obtainment on helping/ assisting guests to bolster funding/ reporting
    o Registering guests to vote
    o Practicing de-escalation with guests, whenever necessary
  • Maintaining ID Program and Mail Service data, using Google Sheets and Excel programs
  • Participating in and contributing to Broad Street Ministry Hospitality Collaborative initiatives
  • Maintaining correspondence with partners and advocates to make sure messaging is consistent around ID document procurement,
  • Demonstrating radical hospitality in interactions with guests, volunteers, and other staff members
  • Other administrative tasks, as assigned.
    Qualifications: Detail-oriented, punctual, reliable, proficient in MS Office Suite, Excel, able to maintain calm in high-stress situations, able to communicate clearly and effectively, and able to work respectfully with populations experiencing deep poverty, homelessness, and trauma. Training will be provided for all job duties.
    Hours: Non-exempt, Part-Time
    Suggested Salary: $18.25