Clueless? As If

July 19, 2015

Rev. Andy preaches on Mark 6:30-34, 53-56. In this story, Jesus sees that the people are like sheep without a shepherd. This is a shot at incompetent leadership in the institutional religion and moral/ethical structure of the time. They’re all clamoring for healing and clamoring for a word, it’s like they haven’t gotten one ever. Maybe they haven’t. It’s tempting to take the same shots now but the difference is that we’ve already heard what Jesus has to say, we’ve already been healed and redeemed, we’ve already received the Holy Spirit, and we’re already a part of Christ’s church. Therefore, we are no longer sheep without a shepherd. Some of us have that narrative from past religious experiences. Some of us sure as hell act like sheep without a shepherd. Some of us spend our time and money and God-given talents like sheep without a shepherd. But we are no longer sheep without a shepherd. We have a shepherd and there are people coming after us who need to feel the same way when they come in to BSM.

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