Enough Time

March 29, 2016
Rev. Andy Greenhow brings us an Easter message from Luke 24:1-12 entitled, “Enough Time.” Andy shares his love for the Broadway musical, “Hamilton.” The central question of the musical is how did Alexander Hamilton go from no notable family to go on and do what he did? It’s revealed throughout the play in little ways. Alexander Hamilton is doing what he did because he’s running out of time because he dies much younger than the other Founding Fathers. Eliza Hamilton continued on Alexander’s legacy after his death. She had more time to continue to what Alexander Hamilton was doing.
 It’s tempting to look at Easter Sunday and to make a comparison between our Risen Lord and Alexander Hamilton. How does a boy of no notable origin go on to be the Savior of humankind. It’s tempting to look at the women after the death of the men in both stories and see how they carried on the story. But the women in Luke were not telling idle tales, they were proclaiming the bodily resurrection of Jesus. The bodily resurrection is the linchpin of the Christian faith because without it there is no hope for our body of sin. Without it there’s no resurrection for Syria or Brussels, for New Orleans or for the Philadelphia public schools. Without the bodily resurrection we might wonder “why Jesus did you waste so much time? Why didn’t you feed more hungry, proclaim more release to the captives. Why didn’t you live your life like you were running out of time?” In three days Jesus did more than we could do in our lifetimes. The resurrection says that what we try and do to stop God’s will, will be overcome. The power of sin, evil and chaos have lost. We need to tell them the story that because of Easter the world will never be the same.