Exciting Clothing Closet Donation Changes!

March 3, 2016

IMG_1127We are excited to announce that on March 8, we will be changing the way we receive donations.  This will enable us to streamline our donation process and specifically target clothing that our guests need.  We anticipate this making the process smoother and easier for staff, volunteers, and donors.  We will be able to communicate exactly what we need and schedule convenient times for you to drop off the clothing.

Here is what’s changing:

·         We have a new donation email: donate@broadstreetministry.org.  This will be used for clothing donations, but also if you are donating books, food, personal care items, or any other in-kind products.

·         We are only accepting donations that have been scheduled.  Here is how that process works:

o   You email donate@broadstreetministry.org

o   We send you a form that indicates what we’re looking for, and you fill it in with what you are donating and when you want to come in.

o   We confirm that donation time

o   You bring in your donation and form at the scheduled time, and we give you a huge thank you and a donation receipt for tax purposes

This new system will use less of our staff and volunteers’ time and energy, and help us to get the clothing that our guests really need.  We will need to spend less time rejecting inappropriate donations at the door and disposing of unnecessary items. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our clothing closet!  If you have any concerns or questions about this new process, please call Landes at 215.735.4847×113 or email: donate@broadstreetministry.org.