Group Spotlight: Guru

November 6, 2019

We are excited to announce Guru Technologies as our Group Spotlight. Guru and Broad Street Ministry are neighbors and before Guru came into volunteer as a group, many of the employees came to volunteer as individuals. Guru said what brought them to Broad Street Ministry is our well organized and easily accessible volunteer opportunities. BSM is able to accommodate larger groups and helps the Guru’s team get to know each other in a different context. Guru also commented saying, “The experience of working with the BSM community extends beyond the sanctuary.”

We asked Guru what they liked about volunteering at BSM, “The intentionality of Broad St., Ministry is impressive and palpable. Broad Street Ministry guides and allows volunteers to meet guests where they are. BSM takes feedback and asks guests what programs and initiatives would serve them. Radical hospitality makes the volunteer experience at Broad Street Ministry warm and enjoyable.”

You may be wondering what does Guru do? Guru takes all of your company’s content and morphs it into an active network of knowledge that learns and grows. Here’s how Guru got started.

Guru thrives at BSM because volunteering here aligns with Guru’s core values, “At Guru, we aim to give first. To us, that means investing in our communities and in the next generation. We believe good humans and good technology can make an impact. We think ‘big breaks’ are created and contagious. We believe that businesses and the individuals who comprise them have a responsibility to use their talents to help the world and its people.”

The Guru team loves music and it just so happens their Center City office moonlights as a concert venue! Guru, thank you so much for what you give to BSM. We appreciate your commitment and generosity to BSM.