Help Set BSM’s Table

November 13, 2015

While the cold of winter may be upon us, so is a warm season of generous giving at Broad Street Ministry. When considering resources and a desire to “give back” this holiday season please consider “Setting The Table” at BSM through individual or corporate meal sponsorship.Honey's Angels

November’s early trendsetters are “Honey’s Angels” (www.honeysangels.com) and the Anderson Family! These groups are each honoring loved ones through BOTH service and financial support. Their gifts will provide our neighbors a delicious meal and stabilizing services. Their thoughtfulness and generosity will provide the warmth of family to our guests.

The holidays are often the time we’re inspired to sacrifice and consider our neighbors before ourselves. Many feel especially connected to serving on these days—so much so that other days in the season are left light on resources. If you know BSM, you know that EVERY Thursday at BSM is equally special—it’s the day our Breaking Bread meal came to be, our cornerstone, our lighthouse.

This year, we invite you to stay at home on the holidays with your loved ones; break bread together, take time to reflect and enjoy each other! And then, consider setting an extra place at your “table” for our guests by sponsoring a meal, personal care, and mail services.

We promise, there is as much need for “stockings,” nourishment and community on Tuesday as there are on those days that revolve around turkeys. We invite you to our table by tagging your gifts #ThanksEVERYday !