Announcing Community Engagement Groups!

November 6, 2013

photo (1)Broad Street Ministry is all about creatively reusing and adapting the gifts we have inherited, retooling them for the new challenges of today’s Philadelphia.

Take our hymn boards: Starting December 1st, they will be used to announce our community engagement groups.

In 1900, the congregation who built our building installed hymn boards. For years they have kept the faith community on the same page of their hymnals. The boards helped the different voices of the community join their different parts together in harmony. Now, thanks to a few coats of our patented BSM green paint and some laminated sliding signs, they will continue to serve a similar purpose, but in a new way. Now they will be announcing our new community engagement groups. Starting December 1st, we will gather after worship and be guided to each other by these boards. We will explore our different passions and interests, from singing Christmas hymns to hanging out with John Francis at the pub, learning different prayer practices, or discussing the theological concepts being explored by local plays. We are even going to have a discussion on how to creatively face the challenges of going home for the holidays. So keep your eyes peeled for what’s on the board and join in the joyful song of Broad Street Ministry.