Kevin’s Memorial Service

February 9, 2015

There have been precious few people in the BSM community who have touched as many facets of the organization, or invited more members of our community to be part of his journey, as Kevin did. No matter how you were involved with Broad Street Ministry, you probably knew Kevin McMonagle.
Everyone in the BSM community is invited to participate in Kevin’s memorial service, which will be held at Broad Street Ministry on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 4:00pm.

We remember him as the guy with a big grin at the front door drinking a Diet Pepsi and cracking jokes with our Ambassador of Welcome, Mr. Elbert Brown. He was the guy always ready to do some heavy lifting when one delivery or another stopped at our front doors. He was also the guy who so generously shared his life experience with the youth who came each summer to learn about hope, love and life on our city’s streets.

To our great sadness, Kevin passed away. We take more than a little solace in knowing that he died in his home – a place of his own that was the result of equal parts his courage to face his demons and BSM’s capacity to offer grace and acceptance to one of its own. There will be a worship service celebrating his life and comforting the bereaved. Some light refreshments will follow including a Diet Pepsi toast in his honor.

Please join us and invite all those who knew him – his influence went far and wide!