Last Night at BSM

June 12, 2017

This week, Max Hill preached to us from Matthew 28:16-20 reminding us that God’s grace is with us always.

Listen here.

Prayers of the gathered community:

Please pray for my friend **** as she finishes her nursing clinicals, and for **** as she tries to launch her business.

Pray for the Homeless

Pray for ****, pray for the homeless, pray for **** and her family in Oklahoma

Please pray for:

My ****, as the clock ticks and she grows closer to age 26, she still needs a job with benefits that will challenge her and meet her physical and financial needs.

For me: as my heart continues to help may God remind me of his love for me and continue to reinforce that I am worthy to be loved.

I am so grateful for ****. In a moment of despair when I felt so alone, **** found me and showed me love and care. I am thankful for **** and others in this community that care for me.

A friend is coming out to some of her family this week. Prayers for a loving response and that I would best know how to support and build her up.

I’m thankful for good talks with friends – talks that expand my heart and mind. I’m praying for my sister – for her deep healing in body, mind and spirit. I’m praying for peace in this city and world.

Keep my family in your prayers. For their health and safety. Also all my friends who need prayer. Finally keep me in your prayers, just for my health and safety and goals to come to light.

Dear God, Thank you for your deep love and for your faithfulness to me. Show me how to harness my power. I love you. Amen.