Last Night at BSM

September 10, 2017

Last night we gathered for a special “Praying for Your Enemies” service, in which Devin preached from Luke 14:16-30 and invited the gathered worshippers to make our way through the space and pray for our enemies–people, things, systems, even ourselves. We held the space for this kind of prayer as we hope for a future that is more reconciled, more just, and more whole.

The community offered these prayers to God

Next Sunday this time, my only ‘child’ will be in California as her new beginning.  Please pray for her: traveling mercies, a new job with benefits and decent salary, safety, peace and prosperity…all done with smiles and tears too.


Dear Father, please, please, please bless ****  and his kids tomorrow.  Please heal my mom and dad, ****’s  dad, **** and ****, the new baby…please continue to bless the love between **** and I and please work through me for BSM.  Your child.


I pray that no one limits my time with my children.


A healing prayer as I recover from pneumonia.


My heart cries out on behalf of the Temple student who was brutally murdered last week.  Pray for her family, friends, as well as her murderer.  Please pray for ****’s housing security.  Prayers for family dynamics during my time in Seattle this week.


Thanks to God for bringing us together today and for keeping one another in our hearts when we’re not here.  Please guide us, Lord, in remembering you always, unifying us and helping us honor one another.


I would like prayer for this season as I prepare to come out to many of my family and come out publicly to facebook.  Prayers that they will be receptive and that I will be strong.


Lord, support your children; we are tired, weak, and worn.  Thank you for all the people who love this place, who love God, enough to fight for it and who we are, no matter the way forward.  I ask for discernment, wisdom, and reconciliation for everyone as we forge ahead in this place, this city, our world.  Let us know how to be faithful to each other, ourselves, to You.  Lead us home…to You.


Dear Lord, I am so anxious today.  Help me to make a good case for myself and my work this Tuesday.  Please watch over ****’s parents and sisters, and my Aunt **** and Uncle **** and their horses.  Keep them safe through the storm.  Watch over and be with the leadership of BSM as they lead us in serving each other and our city.  Thank You for all the blessings you have given me, today and everyday…Amen.


Dear God, I’m so tired.  I leave for class on Tuesday.  I don’t feel ready to be away from my family, and I don’t know how much I can carry.  My heart feels wide open with homesick, big love.  Please heal my papa.  I love you.  Amen.


I don’t want my enemies to suffer.  I want them to see God and be better.  I don’t know if wanting that is good enough.


Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, Jesus.  U R challenging us Lord.  My lovely family surrounds me.  Aunt **** had her 102nd birthday.  Thank you for her wonderful life.  We praise your name above all names.  May God look upon all of us as tomorrow is 9/11, Patriot’s Day.


I pray for all those affected by natural disasters, especially for my friend **** and her family.  I pray for those struggling for mental illness.  I pray for my friend’s dad going into surgery next week as well as my grandfather as he gets his gallbladder removed.


God, I pray for family in Florida and in Puerto Rico.  Hold them, keep them safe, and give them the strength and courage to rebuild.  Amen.


Please be with those in Florida and Texas facing devastation at the hand of hurricanes.  Give them peace and comfort.  Keep them safe and restore their spirits.

Give comfort to all those who call this place home who are no longer feeling welcome or safe here.  I pray for unity amongst all the facets of BSM.  May we work together and learn about one another.


Almighty God, I think I forgot that the Gospel is True.  Thank you for reminding me.  Help me stay focused and strong.  I love you.  AMEN.