Last Night at BSM

September 18, 2017


Last night we gathered to dig into a difficult text from Numbers 21:4-9. Rev. Samantha Evans helped us explore how we remember who we really are as people in the process of healing!

The community offered these prayers to God:

Please pray for me because I want to expand my social experience.  That’s why I sometimes go in and out of here–P.S. **** was my favorite.  Please pray for him!  Love ****.

For ****, who was not here this evening.

Pray for the homeless, for ****, for the sick & mentally ill.

I thank God for keeping my children and I well.  Please help us to adjust to new schedules and please bind the actions of their mother so she does not do more damage to our lives.  Thank you!

Healing prayers as I recover from pneumonia.

Friend was recently mugged, and beaten so badly that he had to have facial reconstruction surgery.  He can’t go to work for a while.  He is cared for in his home, and he has a lot of support!

Everyone still has cancer.

Dear God, please grant me the strength and courage to talk about difficult things, especially with my stepdaughters.  Amen.

For an opportunity for ****, that finally, it goes well.

For me to maintain a sense of calm as my schedule starts to get crazy.  To fulfill my obligations with faithfulness.

Dear God, thank you for the supportive ways I’ve found in my programs.  Please care for my **** as he awaits a biopsy to determine the magnitude of his prostate cancer.  Keep my partner and I healthy.  I love you.  Amen.

Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, Jesus for the science 101 and vaccines.  Since the First Lady gave up her shoes may we all give a pair of shoes to the needy.  With caring love and grace, please bless this nation with care and kindness and understanding.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, Jesus.

Prayers for MEEP as we begin the process of returning to the community and restoring the garden!

Prayers for healing for victims of natural disasters!

Keep **** strong in his self and wholeness.

Give **** peace in his mind.

Help me shake free from the demons that pose as the present moment.

I pray for strength and focus for the many, many things that need to get done this month.

I give thanks for all the people resisting hate, violence, and corruption, and I pray to be better at it myself.