Last Night at BSM

December 4, 2017

Last night, we gathered to hear Allen Rascoe guide us in meditating on Matthew 1:18-25 where God being with us is a holy and blessed disruption.  For Joseph, this meant that he was invited to walk through a previously unimagined third door; leading to the birth of Jesus.

Listen to the sermon here.

The community offered these prayers to God:

Please pray for:  1. Me–got lots going on; bubbling beneath my surface, 2. My Family–as we heal following the death of our patriarch and the last male in our family, my uncle, 3. ****–success, joy, and abundance in her new life in LA.

Please pray for my dad’s job search.  Also for **** as she navigates a difficult relationship.  Thankful for some breathing room the last couple of weeks!

Prayers: 1. I’ve been asked to be patient.  I’ve been patient for a long time.  But I ask that I can persist in my patience, as I hope for change.  I feel like change is out of my hands, and I ask for God to show me how to be righteous as I wait patiently/act; to see a third door, 2. For God’s disruption in unjust systems–taxes, healthcare, immigration, the list goes on, 3. For ****’s health.

I give thanks for a realization I had this week and for friends who are supportive.  I pray for healing and growth so that I can support the people I care about and share their happiness.

Prayers for my mother’s back.  Prayers for my state of mind.

Please pray for **** as he goes into cancer surgery.

Please guide and support me on the right path now that I have lost my job.  Remind me that my work is not who I am.

Dear God–Be with me and my partner as we discern a way forward.  Are we called to this city?  What is ahead for us?  I love you.  Amen.