Last Night at BSM

December 11, 2017

Last night, Rev. Michele Ward meditated on Luke 1:26-38.  With Mary’s encounter with God to guide us, we see being with God means God waits for us to respond.  God respects Mary’s personhood enough to wait for her.  And when she responds, she says yes to welcoming in the vulnerable God-child; ushering in liberation through her very womb.

Listen to the sermon here.

The community offered these prayers to God:

29 years ago today, I married someone for whom I would never be enough.  Today, I continue to ask God to show me that I was then, am now, and ever will be enough.  Pray this prayer on my behalf.  That man is no longer my husband; God is preparing a new one to be ready for me.

Prayers for the friends and family of my best friend who recently passed as we approach the holidays.  I know it will be painful for them to get through this season without ****.  Prayers that we will all be able to find peace.

I feel strongly that it’s time for me to move on from my job, and am praying the right opportunity opens up and that I have peace about whatever decision I make.

I love you.

I pray for balance when I’m overwhelmed.

Praying for **** and her mom as she moves to assisted living.  Help them love and understand each other.

Prayers to finish my semester well; for my friend’s health; and for God’s direction for my future.

Gracious God–I give thanks for ****’s yes.  For her faithfulness, her strength, and her willingness to share her self and her light with us.  Amen.

Thank you, ****, for bringing the word I desperately needed today.  God spoke to me and gave me the love I needed through you.  God knows us in our suffering and calls us to wholeness.

Dear God–Please show me the way.  What is the impossible thing you are asking me to say yes to in my life?  Or are you not?  Give me a door to hear you knocking.  I love you.  Amen.

Dear God, thank you for the immense wonder in my life.  Please take care of my son and me and our relationship.  Amen.

Prayers for inner peace in this holiday season as I return to my family.

Dear God, I love you.  Pray for my family.