Last Night at BSM

July 23, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Laura Colee led us in meditating on Ecclesiastes 1:2, 1:12-14, and 2:18-25 where the author struggles with the temporariness and ephemerality of life.  Together, we unpacked questions about our temporary existence like: When so much feels fleeting and futile, then what do we hold onto?  How do live each day, when tomorrow is not guaranteed?  Where can we find God in these seasons of transition?

Listen to the sermon…here!

The community offered these prayers to God:

Father & Family–Thank you.  We are so deeply grateful for your love and support.  Please accept this small gift from our wedding.  Love, ****.

I pray that I may receive relief this week from struggle loneliness and depression.

Please pray that I use my time well this summer: for rest and rejuvenation but also meaningful work and growth.  Prayers for my mom as she searches for a job, for my brother as he waits for job news, **** and **** in ****, and **** in ****.


Prayers for all the wisdom and guidance and self-compassion as we do this thing.

During these transitional times, may we confidently cling to an infinite God.

Lord, open me to all the change that is coming–here at BSM, with my new job, and all around me; to find joy in it.  I pray for change for ****, for ****, and for all those suffering, especially under the current administration’s policies and actions.  It’s been a long time coming, but change is gonna be here.  Thank you for healing for ****.

Lord, please be with our community during these transitions.

We accept the love we think we deserve.

Praying for our house, for all the work we need to do, and all the money we need to invest in it. That it may not be more than we can handle, and that we have time/money left to share in the future.  Prayers for him to learn from the frustration of that work. May this bring learning and new weird ways of peace.  Prayers for dad and mom and family.

Please pray for **** and **** as they prepare to be sent from BSM, and for **** as she prepares to be received.  Pray for **** as she moves through changes in relationships, jobs, and school.  Pray for **** as he continues to grow and be formed into the remarkable, magical person that he is.  Pray for me–to be open, to be bold, and to know when to be still and when to move/act.

Prayers for **** and all those who have put so much of themselves and their time into that space. Prayers that we may not become discouraged.

Prayers for employment. Prayers for relationships and hearts joined together.

Dear Lord, thank you for ****’s sermon and all the filled seats today.  It gives me hope for this place I had sorely needed.  Amen.

Please pray for ****. She is the woman who lost her 3 children, her husband, and other members of her husband’s family in the **** accident this week.  May she experience God’s comfort and His love.

Prayers for **** and **** and all they’ve given us, much of it unseen, much of it unappreciated. Move them to places that will SEE them and LOVE them and give them the resources they need to give without leaving their own cups empty.