Last Night at BSM

August 27, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Michele Ward led us in meditating on John 6:56-69. Jesus has fed five thousand, walked on water, and referred to himself as the Bread of Life. His disciples have seen and done amazing deeds alongside him. They heard his teaching in the synagogue. And yet, some of the disciples are not sure of commitment. Some decide to walk away. Those remaining are uncomfortable, disillusioned, or uncertain. Jesus reminds them they are partaking in something amazing. This life they are digesting each day with Christ connects them to the big story of eternal life. Jesus does not call us to be comfortable. Jesus commands us to ‘taste and see’ that the gospel is uncertain, strange, and life altering. Keep digesting this together rather than walking away when it becomes too much. We are here for one another and feast on this mysterious Bread of Life as a community of faith!

The faith community offered these prayers to God:

I pray that this week I can fight panic and anxiety and trust Gods steadfast love.

I pray to have energy and focus for job searching and to remain open and trusting for part-time work in the meantime.

Please pray for ****’s recovery, my dad’s job, ****’s trip to ****, and my mom’s family as they grieve ****’s death.

Please be with **** as she mourns the loss of her grandfather.  Please give me courage and guidance in my next career move.

Dear God, please give me to courage to speak with my son with heart and intelligence.  Please protect him from ****.  Keep us all safe on our travels.  Amen.

Prayers for **** and **** and their struggles to ****.  Give them peace.  Work through them to show love to all they meet.

Thank you for ****. Be with her and her partner in this new adventure.  For mom and dad so that she continues to feel your love, joy, and company.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.  Please pray for my friends “****”–they had their **** damaged–hate crime! They are the only family with damage, the only black family on the block; living here since ****! Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. 

I give thanks for progress and pray for strength to keep going.  I pray for time to rest.  I pray for ****.

I ask for direction in employment and for perseverance during unstructured time.

God bless **** for her faithfulness to BSM and to you.  Support her in her next call.  Lord, help my unbelief.  If only I could trust, feel, know that when you say yes, no one can say no.  To know you are in control.  Please pray that **** seeks and finds fulfillment.

Dear Lord, I am so thankful for all who call themselves my family.  Your blessings are great and bountiful indeed!  Amen.

Thank you for a new and hopefully happy home.  Thank you for the words and calm to get through conflict.  I pray for the faith to trust you.  Come what may.

Prayers for the health of my parents.  Prayers for my relationships.