Last Night at BSM

October 1, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Emily McGinley led us in meditating on Acts 15:1-21 where a map guided the early church, and guides us today! Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience – in conversation with one another – help us to lead more faithful lives. These are dynamic guidelines that enable us to engage in conversation with the Spirit as we seek to live well on this difficult beautiful journey.

Listen to the sermon here:

The faith community lifted these prayers to God:

Prayers for growing the gifts of the Holy Spirit and sharing my experience with others.

Thank you for your prayers and I would be so grateful for continued prayers as I am an addict in recovery.  I am grateful for everyday sober, and to be alive today.

Prayers for ****.  Lord, please surround him with your love.  Remove his pride.  Fill him with your grace.

Please allow me to let God into my heart, and be able to follow my true path.  Help me through dark and hard days.  Allow my family to become whole.  Allow me to get past my fears so I can start my family in a positive manner.  Allow my wife to get peace of mind and a moment to breathe so she can relax.  Allow my map to be seen.

Prayers that we keep a house, are financially stable, and that God allows us to start a family.

One of our teammates, ****, had to return home to **** due to her mother’s **** diagnosis.  Prayers for her and her family during this difficult time.

Dear Lord, please give my mom your miracle.  Love you.


Dear Lord, thank you for the reminder that possessions mean nothing, it is all about the people in life. Watch over **** as she prepares to give birth.  Thank you for all the blessings you have given me, today and everyday.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.  Prayers for the **** family–**** lost his battle with cancer and now has gone home to the Lord.  May the strength of others comfort his family as they learn to live without him. Prayers for the two young boys who died this week–one at the subway and one by a bus.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, Jesus.

Dear God, so many thanks for my son ****.  Please be in my marriage as we try.

Prayers to do the things I don’t believe are actually possible.  Please, give us the power to heal up, get strong, and restore the balance for survivors…(and we are all survivors here).

How do we scrap this country and start over?  How do we pray knowing the people who hate us and hurt us do it in Your name?  How do we protest knowing they hear us and don’t care? This week we watched a liar, rapist, and manipulator show us exactly who he is and we’re putting him in power anyway. How do we stop this train?