Last Night at BSM

October 9, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Laura Colee led us in meditating on John 6:28-35 where Jesus named himself “the Bread of Life”–the One who nourishes us.  We receive holy food and drink so we may keep on keeping on; sharing that nourishment with all whom we meet.

Listen to the sermon here.

The faith community offered these prayers to God:

I want to pray that **** is struck down, but it is not my place to damn, so instead…I pray that somehow **** is stopped from imbuing even more misogyny and racism into our already evil systems.  Please nourish, nurture, and protect ****, ****, and **** and other people that have been hurt by this man.

I am so thankful I got a job!  Thanks for being by my side.

God, please be with my daddy.  I am afraid he is so lonely.  Amen.

I pray for comfort and strength.

Thank you Lord for **** and **** being who they are, for their love of this community, and their offering of their gifts!

Dear Lord, these past few weeks I’ve constantly been on the verge of tears.  I feel so re-traumatized both by my memories and those of my friends who have also been sexually assaulted.  Today I simply ask for peace for all of us that are survivors.  In the midst of this pain I ask for the strength to celebrate the births of ****’s son and ****’s daughter.