Last Night at BSM

October 15, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Laura Colee led us in a meditation on Revelation 21:1-6a where God is identified as the Alpha and Omega–with us along the messy journey, making all things new, and transforming our lives in the process!

The faith community offered these prayers to God:

Prayers for ****–God is knocking on his door.  I am praying that he will let him in.  Prayers for ****–for peace and gentleness and open eyes.

Please pray for **** as she starts a new job.  Pray for my friend **** who has cancer.

Please pray that I get clean, that my spirituality increases, that I prosper in simple things (shelter) and basic life needs.

Dear Heavenly Father–I love you and thank you.  Please give my family a miracle for my mom.  Please let me make you proud this week.  Please make your voice the loudest in my head.  I love you.

Prayers for my parents’ health.  Prayers for my mother’s back.  Prayers for my art.

Thank you for ****’s pregnancy!  Keep her safe during these early months.

Thank you and amen.

Too much is happening at once, all the time.  I’m processing so much about myself and the people close to me are struggling and in twenty two years our planet will be unlivable–so why do we still struggle in our individual lives instead of working together to make our leaders listen, but what is the point when we know they won’t listen?  Is Revelation happening now?