Last Night at BSM

November 26, 2018

Last night at BSM, Mr. Evan Hansen led us in meditating on Isaiah 6 where we learn that a faithful life is not transactional.  We are invited into love that is relational, and empowered to go all in to relationship with God and each other!

Listen to the sermon here.

The faith community offered these prayers to God:

Please pray for **** and **** and their son **** as they mourn the loss of son and brother **** (age ****).  Please pray for **** as she blossoms and grows in her new job in ****.


Prayers for the health of my family.  Prayers for my mental health.  Prayers for work.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus for my small wonderful family.  The Thanksgiving was so giving.  A prayer that is by a six year old with the faith for the future: loving and joyful and looking forward to the holiday season, and wants to decorate her room for Christmas. Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you, God.  Be with my mother and father and son.  Thank you for **** and friends and family. Amen.

I ask for peace of heart, and grace to show those who speak against me.

Too hard to pray this week. Isaiah reads like the end times and it feels like it’s coming.  The world is already on fire and we’d rather dim the sun than try to fight the causes. I just feel numb, it’s too much energy to fight and what would be the point?  But, there’s no opt out, so I guess I pray for a way to keep going.