Last Night at BSM

December 31, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Laura Colee led us in meditating on Colossians 3:12-17 where folks clothed in “compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and love” give us hope and joy in a difficult world.

Reflection Question: What virtue do you wear today?

The faith community lifted these prayers to God:

Prayers for those separated from family and children at the border, and that 2019 may be a year of reconnection.  Prayers for my personal and spiritual development in 2019.


Dear Heavenly Father–I did nothing to deserve this full life and I am so incredibly grateful for it.  Thank you. I pray for every family waiting on their children and every child that’s waiting on love and safety.  Especially ****, ****, and me.  We pray for the moms: ****, ****, ****.

I pray that I find love this year.

Please be with ****’s mom and her family.  Please be with those experiencing homelessness and give us the tools to solve the crisis and be with those who need help.  Please be with those struggling during this season.

I’m thankful for 2018. Help me to be more thankful in 2019.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.  Papa, you were remembered with the special words of Colossians–your favorite, the only words underlined in your Bible.  You are missed but not forgotten.  Love you.  Happy New Year to all with love, peace, and hope!

With gratitude, I ask for God’s blessings in the New Year.  I pray for light, mercy, and continued peace in Jesus’ name.

Prayers for my mother (****) and my sister (****).

I think these next several weeks are going to be difficult financially.  So, I hope for calmness of mind and emotions.

I ask for the peace of Christ.