Last Night at BSM

March 19, 2019

Last Night at BSM, Allen Rascoe led us in meditating on Genesis 32:22-32 where Jacob and God wrestle; new name and purpose dawn with the sun rise!

The faith community lifted these prayers to God:

Please pray for my continued sobriety in my program of recovery.  Thanks.

I am thankful to God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost for my life.

Lord, I pray for all those struggling with addiction and mental illness.  May your love flush out the dark.  Near to my heart, I lift prayer for **** and ****—walk with them through their trials.  Thank you for your endless abundant love and mercy.  Thank you, Jesus.  Prayers for all of your overnight guests as they embark!  Amen.

Prayers for: **** and her family, my ****, **** and ****, ****, my wife ****.

God, please lead our leaders to wisdom and grace.  God, please have mercy on our world.  God, please help us fight.  Amen.

Please be with **** and her family as she is going through a difficult time in her marriage.

I praise God for opportunities She offers, and I ask for directions in all decisions.

Prayers for my parent’s health.  Prayers for my health.