Last Night at BSM

November 9, 2015

Last night the Coordinator of the Youth Initiative & Alternative Breaks, Devin Johns brought us a word from Acts 10:23-48 entitled “Real Talk.” In Acts 10 we meet Cornelius who was a centurion in the Roman Army. Cornelius was part of a group of people who were persecuting Christian. However, Cornelius, at the risk of his own reputation invites Peter to come to his home. Peter, as an early church leader, and as a member of the Jewish religion also had a reputation to uphold in keeping the Jewish law. God brings these two drastically different people together in the same room. This interaction teaches us that the Word of God is for all people. God was present when they came together, and God is present when we go out and meet those who are “the Other” to us.

John Francis and the Amen Corner led us in Come Thou Fount, City of Ruins, Be Thou My Vision, and Up to the Mountain.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

Praise for ****** and ****** wonderful spirits and accomplishments in all their scholastic, artistic and athletic endeavors. Pray for ***** as she works hard to adjust to the demands of her new job at Patheos.com. Pray for ****** ongoing job search to conclude in God’s direction. Pray for the hardworking staff at BSM and all guests who are served through BSM. Praise God ****** and my 24 years of marriage—anniversary is tomorrow.


I pray as the days get shorter and winter nears that I may spend my time in ways that benefit others and my spiritual life.


Praying for restoration of relationships within my family.


I pray for blessings on my roommates at the shelter I live at: ******, ******, *****, now and forever more in Jesus Christ name I ask, Amen.


I pray and bless all the enemies of my minds, bodies, souls, spirits, brains, muscles, bones, eyeballs now and forever more in Jesus Christ name I ask Amen.


Please give my kids what’s theirs by divine right now and forever more and I also ask for the prayer of Jabez for my children now and forever more in Jesus Christ name I ask Amen.


Please return all curses, spells, enchantments, black magic, hexes, jinxes, voodoo, hoodoo, generational, ancestral and necromancy spells and curses on the minds, bodies, souls, spirits, brains, bones, muscles, and eyeballs of me and my soul mate and my kids back to all senders including the droids 27 times fold every minute of every day now and forever more in Jesus Christ name I ask, Amen.


I pray for an abrupt healing for me now and forever more in Jesus Christ name I ask Amen.


I pray for all the people Jesus sent my way to give me the info I needed in Jesus Christ name I ask Amen.


I ask that ****** who used to work for community council is blessed with a better job, with more money in Jesus Christ name I ask, Amen.


I pray for ***** her brosky and her family, especially her daughters and husband. ****** died last week from cancer—she was my neighbor. I pray also for my elderly mother who is alone and unwell—her family is loosing it. Help me to hear you, to listen to you and to act accordingly. Please help me to be a good mother. Give me courage. I love you.


Grace—from You to me, from me to me, from me to others to make windows of the cracks. Thanks please.


God I know you have called me to this place. I know you are working in our midst and I’m so so so thankful. Please continue to inspire us to be your faithful people in this city.


Prayers for my work. Prayers to accept other people for whom they are.


A prayer for social workers in Temple’s MSW program who struggling to keep the faith and realize this hard work is for the greater good of our society and we are tired now, but the universe and God has our backs and will love us through the process.


God, thank you for this place where we can support each other as we remember those of who are no longer here. For this place where music breaks us open to hear you in a new way. For the grace and bread you provide for all. For healing. For opportunities to hear stories of people who are different than ourselves. Thank you. Help e remember your grace throughout the week.


Prayer for unification of religious communities on true love.


I ask Jesus to allow the Eagles to win each football game they play in Jesus Christ name I ask. Amen.


I ask for prayer that I will hear God’s call and feel called to a purpose in my life.

 Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.