Last Night at BSM

November 16, 2015

Last night Rev. Bill Golderer brought us a word from Acts 17:22-31 entitled “Take Your Stand.” What could our present moment be for us? The world desires that as Christians we no longer just talk about our faith, but that we enact our faith. This begins with transformation of ourselves, which in turn leads to transformation of society. This is what happened with Paul, where he is transformed from persecuting the Church to becoming one of its Apostles. This transformation pushed Paul out of his comfort zone. This brought Paul to Athens, the intellectual capital of the world. In Athens Paul enacts the concern God has for the whole. We also try and enact this mission God has for the world as a faith community. How is God pushing us beyond our comfort zones? You can read Bill’s sermon here.

Tony and the Motley Order Choir led us in: Amazing Grace, Reach Out, I’ll Be There, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, and It is Well With My Soul.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

I ask God to heal my cold abruptly now in Jesus name I ask, Amen.


I ask God each day to answer the 3 following Bible verses for me and my kids, *****, *****, *****, *****, ******: Matthew 6:9-13 and Psalm 23 and 1 Chronicles 4:10 Now and forever more in Jesus Christ name I ask, Amen.


I pray for all my enemies now and forever more in Jesus Christ name I ask Amen.


I ask God to always protect my kids now and forever more in Jesus Christ name I ask Amen.


I ask God for a pair of earphones the blue and green color ones from the $5 dollar store in Jesus Christ name I ask Amen.


I ask God to please return all curses on my clothes, food, bed, and shoes each and everyday minute by minutes, now and forever more back to all senders 27 times fold forever in Jesus Christ name I ask Amen.


I ask God to get someone to buy the clothes and things I put away at the thrift store that I need want and need all the time in Jesus name I ask Amen.


Return all curses, spells, hexes, jinxes, black magic, generational, ancestral and necromancy spells and curses that are on the minds, bodies, souls, spirits, brains, bones, muscles, and eyeballs of my kids, *****, *****, ******, ***** and ***** and my soul mate and me back to all senders and back to all Druids 27 times fold every minute of everyday now and forever more in Jesus name I ask Amen.


I pray to God to help my roommates at the shelter **** and her friend (who told me to pray the Psalms 23) and my friends ***** and ****** in Jesus Christ name I ask Amen.


I ask God to please get someone to either buy me or give me gift cards so I can buy shampoo and ear plugs and contacts and whatever else I need each month in Jesus name I ask Amen.


Prayers for ****** as he goes forward and for his family. Prayers for BSM as we movie forward. Giving thanks for being part of BSM.


I kinda feel lost right now and anxious over so many things. I pray for peace, help, guidance, hope, and then some more peace. Thank you.


Please pray for ******, home battling a cold and for our neighbors the *******, whose dog ***** was run over and killed by a car this morning. Also pray for *****, who is receiving routine radiation treatments for cancer. He is so grateful for his BSM family.


Please pray for me to have guidance on career paths I need the Lord to bolster my spirit on the long road ahead. I am in need of transformation and courage to move forward in the divine plane God has for me.


Prayers of gratitude for the laughter my man experienced, for a new job my friend just took, and for physical health and rest. Prayer for honesty and strength to be open and honest in my personal life and insight to know who that honest self is. God, keep ***** connected to community as he moves into politics.


I’m looking for a job. Please pray for this. Thanks.


Asking for prayers toward receiving a kidney transplant in the next year.


Pray for the family of ***** who’s wife died this morning. They have one son, *****, and two daughters. I completed my first seminary class and just started the second on justice and mercy at Biblical Theological Seminary. Need continued focus and help for tuition. Please continue prayer for Agape Christian Chapel and its pastor ****** and family.


A prayer for musicians, artists, fine writers, parts and the like who express with their soul’s spontaneous and not. Those who feel and don’t intellectualize the presence of the spirit of the Lord. Sometimes its so hard to let God and let God…


Please pray for the victims of terrorism worldwide. Pray for the city of Paris, as well as all refugees in France, for this is the exact kind of violence they are fleeing.


God, help me remember to be brave. Open me up. Amen.


Prayers for Paris; humanity.


Dear God, today I pray for strength, peace, and healing for *******, who broke her hip today while skating. I pray for **** and his family. Guide, nurture, support and protect them. Amen.


For BSM. For Amigos De Jesus. For Philadelphia. For my family-all of them! For ****-give her strength. For transformation.


Please pray for ******* who is having surgery tomorrow. Pray for the surgeons, doctors, nurses, all staff intervening on her behalf.


Please pray for my friend who is experiencing great difficulties with the adoption of their daughter in Sierra Leone. Give them peace, courage, and faith.


For my friend, ****, and the difficult conversation she will be having with her family today. Give her strength and bravery, open up the hearts of her family to show her grace and understanding.


Prayers for moving into the uncomfortable. Prayers for the ****** and their next adventure. Prayers for ****, *****, ***** and the staff as this new chapter of crazy and wonderful unfolds. Prayers for my baby who is struggling with life changes. Prayer for ****…a home, a job he can thrive in, for peace.


My daughter expressed a small interest in church today. Please pray that her heart be open to God’s Word.


Like the tide (which you made) bring me back to myself again and again gently with tremendous power. Thank you, amen, I can do it Amen.


I offer an enormous prayer of thanksgiving for all the BSM has brought into our lives. I am grateful beyond words for the joys and struggles and for countless ways in which it has grown and changed my faith and offer prayers for BSM’s continued thriving life, for it’s leaders and regular participants and those who have not yet found its doors. Amen.


Pray for the Eastern University community this week.


Oh Lord, bring us peace. Peace for our souls, our hearts, our leaders, *****, *****, *****, *****, ******, *****, and *****. Peace for our world. Amen.


Please pray for *****’s dad who has nodules on both lungs and two infections. Biopsy is Monday to see if the nodules are cancerous. Thank you very much!

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.