Last Night at BSM

February 8, 2016

Last night was Transfiguration Sunday and Rev. Andy Greenhow brought us a word from Luke 9:28-43a, entitled, “Why Don’t You Sit This One Out.” Andy preached about how this story presents Jesus as God. This is Jesus at a mountaintop experience, at his least attainable, seemingly removed from the human experience. In this story Peter doesn’t know how to respond to Jesus as God and he says some dumb stuff in this moment. We too might say some dumb stuff when we encounter God. But the good news is that just like Peter, even when we don’t understand, God is still going to act in the world. God doesn’t wait around for us to act any certain way to do what God is going to do. We can trust in a faithful God to lead and guide us, even as we struggle to remain faithful to what God is doing in the world. You can listen here.

John Francis and the Amen Corner led us in: Higher Ground, My City of Ruins, Transfiguration, Holy Holy Holy, I Want Jesus to Walk with Me, and Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

Please keep my future father-in-law ***** in prayer. Last night someone broke into his truck and stole all of his tools—that was his livelihood and now he has to pay for the window and replacing the tools. Please pray for his emotional well-being and for hope.


Dear God, Thank you for loving me in spite of my humanity; for understanding me even though often, I do not understand myself. Help me and my daughter ***** grow in wisdom and knowledge and favor with you and mankind. Amen.


Pray for peace in a war-torn world. Pray for hope where there is anguish. Pray for animating love to move over minds and hearts and hands and words into what God wants to do with me and us all. Thank God that He works in us and through us even though we don’t GET IT. I feel I am certain about less and less every day. “Lord, I believe. Forgive my unbelief.”


Prayers for communication for honesty and a willingness and readiness to act and have clarity. Holding my mom in the light for health and healing. For my friends to know their power and worth. Calm and bring stillness.


Lord, help me to find the joy in my work. Please don’t let me fall into inaction. And I pray especially for my grandmother, so far across the world. Help her find peace and ease her pain. Thank you for al the blessings you have bestowed upon me. Amen.


Please guide my friendships.


Thanks for keeping me busy this week.


I need perspective. It’s not. that. serious. Help me keep it together. I’m a mess right now. Open my eyes to see that you are moving in the world, in my life, even when I’m blind to it.


God of the most high, Please grant this world, this city, and me peace, reconciliation, and strength to make it to the next day. Help us to be good stewards of the Earth!


Dear God, please be with me and help those of us troubled by anxiety.


Keep putting one foot in front of the other.


God, thank you for helping us get through hard times. Help me to be worthy; in many ways. Amen.


For ***** and her family…for all who are sick. For ****, and all who are grieving. For ***** and **** and all who are incarcerated. For me, that I might be kind. For you, that you might be free.


Please pray for my best friend ***** that she finds herself and learns to appreciate all the she is.


Thank you and keep us woke.


Dear God, I pray for joy for the congregants at BSM and all guests of the hospitality collaborative. Forgiveness for all who seek reconciliation. Healing for all who suffer, including my toothache. Amen.


My best friend is pregnant with her 1st child. She was just told that her daughter has a cyst on her brain. Please pray that it goes away and is nothing.


To be okay with not knowing. To explore doubt and belief. To learn or at least practice prayer thru-out Lent.


Please be with ****** and help her to a place of contentment. Please be with me: my family. Please be with those going through change with jobs, school, and life. Please give them the strength for the next steps.

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.