Last Night at BSM

June 6, 2016

Andy preached off of Psalm 146, reminding us how unchanging and worthy of trust God is in spite of all that is awry and in flux among us. Although much in the world is profoundly unlike what it should be, and although we know it, we are also experts as making ordinary even those things that are utterly extraordinary. That makes us adaptable, but it also gives us a proclivity toward numbness. Psalm 146 assures us that, even during what is called “Ordinary time” on the liturgical calendar, God only sees as ordinary what is ordinary. God will never see injustice, hateful politicians, refugee crises, and even a single person’s hunger as ordinary; though–or better, because–we so often slip into such thinking,  we place our trust in a God who does not fail and unrelentingly works toward making this world what is should be.

Our lovely musicians, led by John Francis, led us in the following songs: Holy, Holy Holy; A Mighty Fortress Is Our God; “Find the River,” by Michael Stripe; and “Let’s Be Still,” by The Head and the Heart.

Our community also offered the following prayers:

Please pray for my son, who graduates from high school tomorrow. I pray for God to be with him as he moves into the next phase of his life. He is such a joy and I am so thankful for  him. Amen.

For my fellow summer staffers & all the participants of this summer’s YI. Help us love, be patient and all grow together.

Please pray for one of my friends who is taking steps to overcome addiction & self-harm. Continue to protect them and guide me in how to support. Thankful for prayers & love as I begin MSW program this week. <3 you all!

Speedy recovery for J*****. Forgiveness. Love for everyone.

Grateful for a season of celebration and preparing for new things on the horizon. Grateful that my brother is spending the summer in Philly, and prayers that he finds good community and meaningful work here. Prayers for E***** as she juggles school, moving, planning, etc.

Praying for guidance regarding my concerns about a potentially violent member of a group I am a part of.

I claim everything that belongs to my kids and me by divine right for me to have now and forever more in Jesus name I ask, Amen. I ask Jesus to return all curses including all generational curses on my kids and me now & forever more in Jesus name I ask, Amen. Now & forever more. 6-5-16.

I praise God for our daughter C******** & our son J*******. For who they are as people, for their accomplishments for the good kids who are their friends. Please pray that I could provide for their & K***’s & my needs through my work. I hope that I could close some software sales this month & next month. Please also pray for K***’s dad & my parents who struggle with various health problems.

D**** is thinking of moving to California but first she needs Angels and a plan…may God help her find and develop a plan and send Angels her way to open doors of opportunity and guidance. May her confidence bloom.

Direction and income/new job.

I am so grateful to God for the gratitude in my heart! I pray that I may always be thankful, even more so than today. I pray for peace & health & strength for my family. May God & Peace be manifest in the world.

Lord, help R. find his way forward. Could you let him catch a break? Lord, for the numbness I (we) have developed for the extraordinary (both terrible & beautiful things). Comfort those in pain, those who suffer, those who mourn.

For God’s Light and wisdom, and guidance in my family’s life.

Prayer for my mom, sadness, loneliness, & illness. Help her embrace the love around her. Thanx.

My sister moving to a new stage in life.

For the summer working with the Youth Initiative and exploring my faith further.

Thank you for your hands, BSM. I could not try to be God’s hands without them. I feel strong and surrounded on all sides. I love you all, because with you I know God.

Thank you 4 singing Holy, Holy, Holy & A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. Next up – I hope “Awesome God” I love the new Breaking Bread cards but Sunday Worship is not mentioned on the cards. This is a missed opportunity! Also on Hospitality Services-side: dinner mentioned on “Tuesday”? Add all meals. Love u BSM! Thank you.

Healing prayer for M***, suffering from congestive heart failure.

Thank you for today’s moment of quiet, peace, gold sunlight and good music. Thank you for friends and early summer flowers and technology that connects us to people all over the world. I pray not to let t he beauty in the world become ordinary either.

Yet another new opportunity for sobriety & chastity.

So much GRATITUDE. My cup runneth OVER and my watering can, also my joy. Please KEEP TEACHING ME how to cultivate joy so that it remains abundant and can be shared. Amen.

Mighty God, be with, comfort, and challenge all the young people coming to this place this summer. Amen.

Prayers for the physical & mental health of my parents & family. Prayers for me to accept God’s Grace.

For BSM. For its staff & quests. For a SAFE & PEACEful summer in Philadelphia. For my mom, not so good yesterday, better today. For I*****, may she be safe in Honduras & that her faith in Him would continue to flourish. For the Boys & the Mrs. Have a great week!

For J****’s surgery. For P*******’s surgery. Both have cancer. Prayers for strength & restored health.

For blessings for J**** as she gets ready to go on her way. May God bless her & guide her. With gratitude to God for sending her to us during this time!

Please pray for the summer staff, and for my brother-in-law. B****’s recovery from knee surgery this week.

Rest for A*** & K****. Wisdom & courage in caring for S. Hope & perseverance for S*****. A fresh sense of gratitude for all of us – for this place, its people, and all the ways you’re at work. Thanks, God, for your extraordinary faithfulness.

Pray for I***** going to Honduras this summer.