Last Night at BSM

July 18, 2016

Last night, Andy preached on Amos 8:1-12, comparing the “normalcy” of injustice and violence in the U.S. to that which caused Israel to be taken into exile. It seems we are either in exile or on our way to it, and we must sit in that reality. The good news is that God never keeps God’s promise to abandon Israel if they do not change their ways. Even in exile, God is there; God chooses to pursue us over and over, and that hasn’t changed. The commandments to do justice, to love the stranger in our midst, to care for the widow and the orphan — these also have not changed. Whether we’re in exile or not, we must do what God has been telling us to do all along. Listen to the sermon here.

Tony and the Motley Order Choir brought down the house with songs like Arcade Fire’s “Here Comes the Night Time,” R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine),” Alabama Shakes’s “Hold On,” and the hymns “It Is Well With My Soul” and “My Hope is Built.”

Our community also offered the following prayers:

I thank God that this week in court, it went great and it looks like things are going well.
God, Get us through the uncertainty of stress. Show me where there is hope & possibility. Remind me that you’re with us, even whit it feels like exile.

God, help me love him as powerfully & faithfully as he loves me.
I am participating in the Youth Initiative, and I am so grateful to be here w/ kids from my church and taking part in a YI week, but I miss my son (2.5 yrs) and daughter (14 mos) intensely. I worry they will be sad w/o me…and that I will be sad w/o them. Give strength to us and my husband in caring for them single-handedly.
For S**, for growth – soul and mind.

For the Lord’s direction in the midst of this chaos.


For the future God has in store for me & my family, that I embrace it with grace & openness in spite of my fears.


Dear Father,

Thank you for calling R** into the place you need him to be. We are so grateful. Thank you for putting peace & love in our home. Please help us use our gifts for your children. Please bless our pit crew, especially those still waiting to join the world.

All my love,



Dear Lord,

Thank you for support & friendship & encouragement this week. I pray for my International family, for families & marriages around the world. For healing & love for us all.


Seeking career in food and baking.


Being a more open-minded, warm-hearted, loving, forgiving person to strangers, my loved ones, and myself.



I need help being a mom to a teenager/young adult. Help me to know what to say & what not to say. Help me to have the courage to use my voice and strength to live w/ the consequences. Please keep my son safe & help him to be wise. Help my husband & I to be good parents. Amen.


This week B****** asked me to pray for her, because “I can always use a prayer.” Still don’t know what to pray for myself. I could use a prayer too.


For BSM, Its guests, congregants & pastors

For Peace in this world, country & city

For My Family – Mom, R***, I*****, S** & H

Have a great week – Thanks!


I give thanks to God for faith. Help us to have faith that these times will get better & that your peace & justice will reign. Bring your peace to C****** & K****.


Dear God,

I don’t know what more we can do. I need help to keep going.



I need healing and wholeness from the Most High God. And I ask for patience and kind words to use with those I love.


Give me strength through difficult times. Give me humility in times of peace. Grant me peace of mind & stillness of heart.

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