Last Night at BSM

July 25, 2016

Last night, Andy preached from Hosea 1:2-10, reminding us that though we are all too apt to quit on one another, God just doesn’t know how to quit us. In fact, even though God all but promises to quit us in this Hosea passage, God goes back on this promise — it seems to just not be who God is to quit us. Listen to it here.

John Francis and the Amen Corner led us in songs about long-time, resilient (absurd?) love — songs like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long,” and the hymns “Oh, How I Love Jesus” and “Come, Though Fount.”

Our community also offered the following prayers:

I pray for help with depression. I pray that my wrist surgery goes ok tomorrow, and that I get my feeling in my hands back. Thank you.


I have not been feeling particularly prayerful or connected w/ God. I feel myself to be in a space of doubt and far from my faith. [I am feeling like I want to quit church]. I ask for prayers for my student who struggles with suicidality and in seeking to feel like herself again.


I need some prayers to help T**** & I find the answers to the many questions we have – give us clarity & discernment, God.


I ask for prayer for my job search, and for my brother as he prepares to move to NYC for a new job and will need to find housing. I pray for my friend Z***** who was recently fired from her job.


My father is no longer able to live alone in his home. He will be with us in Philly this coming week to explore the possibility of moving to Philadelphia. R****’s mother has an aortic aneurism. She and R****’s father are in Oklahoma. Please guide us as we try to help them from afar. May we all honor and care for our elders.


I thank God for my family. I am amazed by my wife and children and very grateful for them. We have many blessings and many cares in our lives. I pray I could meditate more on the blessings than the cares.


Please pray for the family & friends of R***** who was murdered last weekend. Also for the entire Kensington community that is in mourning and questioning the safety of their community and the ability of God to protect them and provide for them. Pray for the community to come together in response, but peacefully rather than violently.


Please give me patience and the wisdom and guidance to take the necessary steps I need.


J***** <3


Please pray for me as I sell my things and prepare financially and mentally for the next steps in my life. Thanks.


Prayers 4 the police – their strength & understanding today & during the DNC…the citizens to be prepared to VOTE.


Lord, for my work culture. That we will address the issues of power and cultural competence to stop such rapid turnover. That I would take a more active role in standing up for my beliefs. That I would participate in the Black Lives Matter movement, not just support it silently.


Praying for A*****, K****, S****, K******.

Praying for J*****, for ma, dad, L**, and E**.

Praying for Philly, for the country, for the things I see and the things I cannot.

We are all so tired.
Help me get back into the heart space and head space in which “God’s work” is not just a cliché platitude used to manipulate.


I pray for our world.

Joys & Concerns: Also prayers for my grandfather suffering from 2 failing kidneys, my grandmother suffering from dementia & for my cousin that was recently married.


Please pray for my brother, and for my relationship with him.


Matt, Jenn, David, Kira, Landon, Aaron, Montana, Lindsey…bless them as they go forth to do your work. Thank you for your opportunities to grow, & for doors opened. Heal this country…open minds to understanding & Love, protect the lives & dignity of your children.


God, I pray for our guests who will be displaced this week. Keep them safe. Please don’t let them be treated like garbage. Let BSM be safe. And sane. Mostly. I know you must be at work in the world. Help me believe it. Show me how to show the world you are at work. I love you. AMEN.


Dear Lord, I pray for Lilly and her family as she continues chemo. I also pray for the Duval family, especially as Jibril’s birthday approaches. May God give all what they need, when they need it. Amen.


This week I ask to be filled, instead of feeling emptiness.


Dear Lord, Please, watch over my Father as he recovers from radiation and I hope he is granted many more long & happy years. Thank you for watching over me as I was in Europe. Thank you for making my truest wish a reality. I pray that you show me how I can best use the Blessings You gave me to better the likes of those around me. Amen & Hallelujah.


Dear God—Thank you for not quitting us, even now. And, thank you for reeling me in, unable to quit you. Keep me faithful and energized to bring about the world you dream of. Amen.

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